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    What is your exchange policy? top

    We do realize there are times when exchanges need to be made for colour selection or size and sometimes style choice.

    When you receive your order please do not remove the tags or brush out the wig until you know you intend on keeping it. If you are not happy with the product please notify us immediately, within 5 days of receipt by email or telephone so that we may start the process of finding a replacement as soon as possible.  Please make sure we have your returned product back within 10 days of you receiving it. Not all products are eligible for exchange as follows:
    Eligible Products:
    -Wigs, Hair Pieces or Extensions in original factory condition: unworn, unaltered, no brushing, scent free, with the tags attached and in its original box, wrapping, net, etc.
    Ineligible Products:
    -Costume Wigs (all FINAL SALE)
    -Clearance items (items in this section are FINAL SALE)
    -Discontinued items 
    -Accessories: Hair Care Products, Liquids,  Wig stands, Comfort Bands, etc.
    -All human hair products.
    -All products from the Forever Young or Vivica Fox fashion lines.

    For all exchanges in regards to colour or style changes you will be responsible for shipping charges - if you select a new wig that costs more than the first wig you will need to pay the $24.99 shipping & the difference in price.
    No more than 1 exchange allowed per order.
    Promotions and discounts do not apply to exchange items.

    Refunds top

    We currently do not offer REFUNDS - this is standard practice with every online wig shop.


    What are your shipping methods? top


    We ship to Canada & the USA.

    For Canadian orders we ship by Canada Post Expedited (1-5 business days depending on where you live in Canada).   Please note this is the time from when your order is ready to be shipped out. 

    We don't have an Express shipping extra charge because our customers expect to receive their order in a few days if they pay for Express.  It takes longer than that in some cases so we just keep one fast shipping method at a reasonable cost.

    If you need to receive your order in a rush please email us prior to ordering to find out the exact time you can expect it to arrive.

    How do I know my wig size? top


    How do I know my wig size?
    Wigs are usually made with a one-size fits all design and this is what the wig manufacturers refer to as an average sized wig.  Ninety-five percent of the wigs on this website are average size (medium) and will fit 90% of people. We do carry a few styles in petite and large sizes for the minority of the population who require a specialized wig.

    Please keep in mind that unless you have an extra large head or an extra small head, most of the wigs on this website will fit you. If not, measure your head to be sure. Please follow the information here on how to measure your head for the correct wig size. Most petite wigs are worn by children and people with really small petite features. Larger head size is usually between 23 to 25" depending on the manufacturer.

    Using a measuring tape, meaure your head circumfrence as shown in the picture below.

    Then check the chart to see what size you fit. 



    How do I clean my wig? top

    1. Remove your wig.
    2. Brush and comb your wig to remove tangles.
    3. Fill the sink or large bowl with cold water and add a tablespoon or one cap of specially formulated wig shampoo. Mix well in water before adding wig.
    4. Immerse the wig in the water and swirl it around gently for a couple of minutes.
    5. A soft toothbrush can be a way of dealing with make-up stains.
    6. Let the wig soak for 5-10 minutes.
    7. Refill the sink with cold water to rinse the wig.
    8. Put the wig back in the water and using a combination of swishing and swirling thoroughly rinse the wig. Then dispose of the water.
    9. Start again with cold water and one cap of conditioner mixed in.
    10. Add the wig using the same steps as before. Let it soak for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. If you chose to use a spray, leave-in conditioner that has been formulated for the wig, then you can do so. Follow the manufacture's instructions -- they are not usually rinsed out.
    11. Lay out an absorbent towel flat and place your wig on the towel. Roll it up like a sweater. Do not twist, rub or add frictions. Let it lay there undisturbed for about 15- 30 minutes to have all of the water absorbed out of the wig.
    12. Final step. Shake wig vigorously over and over. Place it on an open air wig stand to air dry at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Do not use a styrofoam head on a wet wig as this can cause stretching and will also result in a longer drying time. Do not comb or brush while wet. Finger-styling is acceptable only. Let it dry overnight or at least 10 hours. After it is dry, you can shake, comb or brush it and then put on.
    13. After the wig is dry, if there is any static, you may use a little more spray conditioner but do not brush it while it is wet. Just shake and wait a few minutes to dry.